Saturday, April 24, 2010


I forgot to mention I would be playing a show at Barnard, it happens,
the show was insane anyway... yikes
I've been focusing mostly on an audio collective I initiated called
as well as occasional drops on VISION DROPPINGS, but the real pride and joy is a collaborative effort with Chris Bowman called Scrambled Threads
but do not worry, an INSANE dance/ rap/ new roxy thing is coming up. I'm organizing a show with Juke legends DJ Spinn and Rashad, as well as BMore kings (Mad Decent/Brick Bandits) DJ Tameil and DSQUARE, and my friends Jess and Bidi have initiated an ill new label called WILD ISLE. Look out for that! Oh and Chainz Problematic no question.
Spring and summer will warrant quite a few more updates (mostly performance based)
...oh yeah and I have some pieces in the Brucennial curated by Vito Schnabel and the internet via the Bruce High Quality Foundation! You should check it out if you're in NYC,



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