Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I met a conundrum when I passed a gorgeous blind woman in Union Square

I don't know who wrote this, but it's from:

Dating and relationships with either a disabled and visually impaired can be a life-changing experience. Just because a person is disabled (or specifically, visually impaired), does not mean that she or he is incapable of romance. We recently heard from Matt who is visually blind but has found a beautiful relationship with a woman who loves him for who he is and does not care what he does not have. Here is Matt's story in his own words.

I am visually impaired and I read Braille. About five years ago, I was in the park reading a Braille magazine. A lady came up and sat down next to me and started attempting to communicate with me. She touched my Braille and was quite fascinated by it. She had a very poor understanding of the challenges that visually impaired people face in their every day lives but she was inquisitive and a good listener. Since English was not her native language, we did have some challenges but being visually impaired I know what it means to have an impairment. So I was very patient with her and made sure that I used simple words when speaking to her.
This scenario took place every day for about a week, until one day, I was speaking with an American lady with a child. My "park friend" came by like clockwork and the American lady was able to communicate with her using facial expressions and gestures. We learned that the this lady was a chemist who was exploring properties from certain botanical plants which were grown in the park's greenhouse. Because she was so happy to find an interpreter of sorts, she let it be known quite clearly that she wanted to date me very much. Since I am so attracted to women who have an accent (after all I am attracted to people by their voice), I immediately consented to a date.

At that time, I was only able to find unhealthy relationships for myself because that was all I believed I deserved because of my impairment. It doesn't matter who you are, you send the signals which you truly believe about yourself. And everyone else is quite good at picking up on those signals.

On the day of the date, she came to pick me up and drove me to her apartment in downtown Los Angeles. She cooked a delicious fusion meal which I truly enjoyed. After the meal, we listened to classical music and she played a few songs for me on her piano. When she came to drop me at my house, we kissed passionately for several minutes.

It has been truly a remarkable relationship and I no longer feel that the fact that I am visually impaired means that I am not capable of exploring all other human emotions. She has truly ignited the passions inside me, and therefore, I am finally ready to follow my true passion and attraction. We are getting married early next year."


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