Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This is not a photography blog

Some really rotten MFs stole 2 of my Neuburger Coupe Danube Schokos (chocolate custards from the grocery store on sale for 17 euro cents with a little beautiful radially-symmetrical layer of whipped cream on top).
They left the Vanilla one though. Still like insult to injury. I'm thinking about getting a polaroid camera because I saw this dude named the polaroid kid's photos on fecalface. Point and shoot seems like it could be nice. I'm sure I'd still think about what I was shooting before I shot, but that extra step of exposure and focusing...
Anyway, I found out about the above from plrds.com . The photo made me say damn.

I want this photo to be mine.

Also...I'm serious about what I said. But I don't hate the player, I hate the game that creates them. That fresh racer is styled like the Amsterdam cop cars. The police have been really decent, nice even. And helpful. It's...so weird.


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